Some have begun to explore " repopulation " strategies. En septembre un plan a été annoncé pour la repopulation de Celles. In September a scheme was announced for the repopulation of Celles. Re-population may take several decades but is possible where factors favour Wolverine survival Johnson ; Vangen et al. C'est une étape clé pour la repopulation du parc national de Manas. This is a key step in the repopulation of Manas National Park.

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Jeu en accès anticipé Commencez à jouer dès à présent et impliquez-vous pendant le développement de ce jeu. En savoir plus. Contenu officiel et de la communauté le plus populaire de la semaine passée. The month of May has been quite productive. We want to start this month's update out with a big shoutout to all the players new and old for their help, reporting bugs, and suggestions. Monday, June the 15th we will be launching our next patch push. We have been able to do a lot over the last month on both the island and the mainland.

So let us get started with updating you on the progress for the next game update, the island, and then move onto the current mainland areas. We have now replaced most of the whiteboxing with actual art models. It was a lot of fun and the feedback has been amazing! I hope to be able to continue doing this at least once a month with everyone. It has been a great tradition to have.

These were addressed and double checked across the entire island in all six areas. All harvestable resources in the area should appear as intended after the patch. You can see the new walls and an observation deck over by the combat training facility. In the future, each nation will have its own style that will reflect that nation.

Training Signs and Banners: We have added new training signs to help guide the players through their combat training. We will be adding additional signs and banners as we move forward with the Item, Skill and NPC systems. We have also added in a few new banners. The two spots that we are testing this out is on the Martial training platform and the shooting range.

Additional Water scrounging nodes: We have also added additional scrounging in this area. Players will find one location which they can scrounge for water after the patch. The textures were also updated and tweaked to fit and match the area better.

The current environment had made the platforms too bright at noon, almost blinding. Though we may have some assets that are very bright and refract the light, these are not ones we wanted to be too bright.

Resource spawn Nodes: The resource spawn nodes were adjusted to prevent overgrowth, and try to keep the nodes from spawning on the roads. With the current system and range, you may still see a few spawns yet on the road and path behind the barracks. Additional Water scrounging nodes: We have updated scrounging in this area. Players will find two locations that they can scrounge for water after the patch. These areas are the small pond behind the RIN Embassy and the small pond under the shopping district bridge.

Players will soon be able to enjoy a more lively view from the research platforms. The landscape is now populated with various bushes, cactus, trees, and rocks. The nearby swamp has seen the addition of various rocks and cyprus knees.

Players will also discover that the dunes to the northeast have gotten a bit of colour. Players will find a large area that they can scrounge for water after the patch. This area will include most of the adjacent swamp. It has grown from a lonely platform to a full service Shuttle port.

It now even houses the Nation Shuttles on the upper level. New pallet Jacks and other detail: A few bits of clutter were added, sitting alongside an old one near the loading dock on the flight deck. Players will soon notice new assets such as pallet jacks, new towers, and tanks that relate to the Port Repair shops for the nations.

These new cylindrical tanks are part of a new group of assets which will be seen commonly throughout our future builds. They will range in color to specify their intended uses such as blue hues for water, and red hues for chemical storage.

Players will find three locations in this area which they can scrounge after the patch. These are the inlet which flows under the shuttleport, and lake adjacent to the adjoining area by the Museum, and the crescent-shaped lagoon on the southwest of the island. Medical Center: Players find themselves in the medical center as their first stop on the island. Since the islands debut the building has been updated many times.

Soon players will notice the medical center now has finished rooms! Yes, those whiteboxes that were once walls and an intake desk are now fully fledged out. Thank you again to our players that helped me work out the room layouts. Hopefully, we will have some REC medical staff start moving in by the end of the summer. The new crafting hall for FPR will have a focus on electronics, computers, tech and of course, some of those cool vehicles. The new building includes four outer rooms, and an outdoor crafting court and of course a place to craft some of those larger items out back.

Players will find two locations in this area which they can scrounge after the patch. These are the small pond behind the shopping block and by the fishing hut and small docks.

New small pub and lounge: If you travel to the shopping block in the FPR District, you may find a new pub and lounge. It is small, quaint but it will have a lot more added in upcoming updates. We plan on adding a lot more to the buildings. Each one will be its own unique shop that may help players explore the island a bit more.

At this time, we only have some whiteboxing in place and a few generic furniture pieces that you would expect to see inside. This will be updated later one we have finalized the inn rooms and updated the interior model. Please feel free to check out the upstairs and the small rooms for rent. Other missions are planned to work between the pub and the inn. New tanks and other clutter have been added to the farming area to build out the area a bit more and start to add a little life. These industrial assets will be used in other locations that focus on machinery, robotics, farming and of course genetics.

Players will find six locations which they can scrounge for water after the patch. These include the two areas around the Agricultural Flora Research grounds with glowing runoff water and four areas along the bandit islands. Agriculture Center: We have added new walls and a platform inside the Agricultural Flora Research grounds. Additional flora and assets were placed to help fill out the area and get some of the most basic assets in place for new content coming later this year.

You may also see some glowing mushrooms now that fit the corrupted spot on the island. We have spent a good deal of time concentrating on the island as it is our testbed for future changes.

However, we understand that content in the existing game areas is still important to you all. While we are not currently creating new content, we have taken time to make corrections to some existing issues. These changes will be included in our next patch.

Below you will find some of those changes listed for you. The main inhabitants of the outpost will now stay spawned unless killed and respawn on a proper timer. To ensure that the NPC attacking or inhabiting the area no longer able to pass through the platform and wreak havoc or become unusable art assets have been changed.

Paths have also been adjusted to ensure the NPCs have a better chance of surviving attacks if players are not present to assist them. The interior has been rearranged to allow for better access to the NPC as well. NPC who shared appearances have been adjusted to make identifying them easier, and reduce the number of repeat appearances. NPC will no longer stand in huddled groups.

They will now be found in areas more suited to their functions. NPC that should have been merchants have been amended with the proper Glom to allow them to sell Armor, and Firearms. Obsidian Bastille an area located in the Mt Ash Region, of the contested area Now has two working rest areas.

The rest area for the bar known as The Macuahuti will now function properly and allow players to use resting associated abilities. Miscellaneous Blair Ridge located in the region Plymouth of OWON has received terrain changes to remove a large pit on the mountainside.

Players should no longer find themselves trapped there in the future. This left the player unable to interact with the NPC again, and without reward. Our engineer was able to help address a script issue that corrected the root of the problem. Missions that have been identified to have this issue are being addressed and corrected as found.


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