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Chapter Summary - The Destination of the Abyssal -With the destruction of the organization and the victory for the warrior rebellion, but the awakened Dust Eater is slowly heading toward a place.

Miria knows clearly that Raftela helped the warriors during the fight with the resurrected No. Raki replies that he recognized them the moment he saw them and that their appearance didn't change. In addition, Raki wants to find out if they have any news or information regarding Clare. Helen responds that there is no need since they were all together for the past 7 years. Deneve tells Raki that Clare for the past 7 years had been looking for him, but at the same time she is seeking revenge against a certain someone as well even if it means death.

Helen says that was what they concluded and they knew that it was because of Clare that they managed to survive there. They believe that Clare is still alive inside the blob, but even Galatea couldn't do anything about it. The ghostly figure that appeared after Hysteria died is the same person that Clare wanted revenge on and is trapped with Clare. She figure out that the three resurrected Abyssal Ones were connected to Priscilla.

Miria feels that instead of saying that the remaining Resurrected Abyssal One Cassandra let them all go and left, it is better to say that something is influencing and directing Cassandra to a place. Deneve tells her that it's not her fault because everyone had helped brought it there. Helen wants to stop Cassandra before she reaches Rabona, but Miria has another plan. In addition, even if it's only one Abyssal One they can't be certain that they could win against Cassandra.

Since Cassandra dealt a deadly blow to Hysteria and ate Roxanne, Miria concludes that Cassandra is the strongest among the three resurrected Abyssal Ones. Miria is not sure how Cassandra would break Priscilla out of the blob, but if they merge or combine forces to break the seal, then she thinks that Priscilla would be even stronger than before when she emerges. She wants to break the seal inside blob before that happens and hopes that maybe Cassandra would be able to regain her self-consciousness and create an opportunity for them.

Now standing before them is the little boy, if it wasn't for Clare's faith, they would be still in the north and wouldn't have met the boy again. Miria feels that the miracle is not something they can pray for, but it would be something they need to work hard to create. Since both of these impossible events truly happened, then anything that Miria tells them they can accept. However, Miria thinks that it better to keep their distance to the Abyssal One and not have their yoki detect by her.

Raki suggests they all travel by ship because he was brought to here by ship, the men in black had secret passages to the ships and it would only take them half the time of traveling by foot.

Raki would go anywhere even a deadly place if it means that he could see Clare again. Raki tells them that they should be happy now that they gain their freedom and even if he is gone, there are lots of Claymore sis around. If Clare is able to be pull out of the blob in Rabona, then she would have a scar just like that. Deneve asks Raki to keep that horrific scar in mind, that is how their bodies are as well as Clare's. She asks Raki when he sees Clare when she does come out, if he can accept her scar, then please embrace Clare with all his force.

Helen tells Deneve to stop parading her bare breasts around and she is even scaring the trainees. It is a promise then that they too would be waiting for him. Cynthia tells her that she knew she would say that so they finish up the important work already. Yuma says that among the current warriors there are those who are good at yoki control, they just need to show and teach them a little and they would be even better than they are, so there is no need for them to stay.

Tabitha says that probably because of the 7 years they all spent together in the north, they all want to help Clare. Share this post.


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Et puis rencontre toute mignonne en Duph et sa future femme. Le chapitre ne fait cependant que remuer le couteau dans la plaie, on n'a jamais vraiment retrouvé des personnages avec un charisme du niveau de Riful et d'Isley Rimuto est décapité, mais Dae et Louvre s'étant enfuit, on n'en a pas vraiment fini avec les expériences éthiquement douteuses. On découvre pour la première fois de près des individus du peuple Dragon, ils n'ont pas d'apparence humaine et leur forme éveillée semble aussi massive que celles les exaltés que nous connaissons. De ce que j'ai compris, c'est à partir du mix de la chair des 2 formes de ces êtres qu'est créée un parasite permettant d'infecter les humains dans le but qu'ils se transforment en yoma Miria se rend compte que depuis tout ce temps les Claymores ne faisaient que tuer des humains, et que leur règle d'or c'était en fait du gros bullshit. En somme, re-confirmation que le pays est un énorme laboratoire d'expérimentation.


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